Core Capabilities
Micronics is a leader in the development of fluid miniaturization solutions that integrate and automate laboratory processes on single use, disposable, versatile and cost-effective cartridges.  Integral to these solutions are Micronics’ core capabilities in microfluidics, surface chemistries, materials science and assay integration.

Today, Micronics holds 73 issued patents and has over 40 pending applications on its microfluidics technologies, including those exclusively licensed from the University of Washington and additional intellectual property that it has developed independently. For a complete list of issued patents or for questions about pending applications, contact Micronics. Micronics has in-licensed certain intellectual property of others specific to its product plans.

Unique Microfluidic Platform Features:
  • Enables analysis of complex fluids (e.g., whole blood, urine, saliva)
  • Allows sample clean up and analysis on a single cartridge
  • Permits 3-D fluid control
  • Facilitates chemical reactions
  • Adapts to lower cost production materials & methods
  • Takes advantage of plastic laminates

Unique Microfluidic Platform Benefits:
  • Eliminates need for sample prep
  • Streamlines processes
  • Minimizes reagent and sample volumes
  • Reduces labor, time and cost
  • Provides real-time answers
  • Makes it easy to interface different technologies
  • Flexible, cost effective, scalable
  • Makes rapid prototyping possible