Micronics provides custom design and development services – including prototype to commercial development of stand-alone disposable cartridges and integrated cartridge/instrument systems.
  • Micronics offers one of the most sophisticated and rapid microfluidic prototyping facilities in the world today, including an extensive materials and designs library.
  • Micronics is capable of producing over 200,000 prototype cartridges per year in its Class 10000 facility.
  • Micronics is the world leader in the use of thin film laminates and injection molding solutions in development of microfluidic devices.
Micronics’ full service development capabilities include:
  • On-cartridge sample preparation, mixing/separation and analysis.  
  • Full assay integration and optimization
  • Integration of components: electrodes, membranes, slides for target applications
  • Surface chemistries and materials analysis and selection for optimum card performance.
Micronics’ platform technology and rapid thin film laminate prototyping expertise allow it to incorporate a broad range of technologies and chemistries into the disposable cartridge format.  The Company has extensive experience providing microplumbing of fluids to on-cartridge micro-electrical-mechanical (MEMS) devices, sensors, adsorbents, lateral flow strips, membranes, and can also embed glass, silicon, and other features on card.

New projects typically begin with a project outline from the client – tell us what you would like the end product to do.  Micronics then provides a detailed Project Development Plan, complete with scheduled deliverables, timelines and pricing.

Services are provided on a contract basis.  License rights to Micronics’ intellectual property that may be incorporated into the finished product are available and may be negotiated at project outset or completion as well as any time during the development phase. 

Examples of products that Micronics has developed or is developing to date on behalf of its clients include devices for:
  • Sample preparation
  • Antigen/antibody detection
  • DNA/RNA amplification – e.g., PCR, NASBA, LAMP
  • Amplification-based detection of respiratory disease
  • Fluorescent and bead-based assays for soil and air sample analysis





Micronics provides development services with the intent of serving as its clients’ commercial disposable cartridge supplier. The Company has qualified both ISO certified and FDA licensed facilities worldwide for commercial production.

Micronics also offers complete system integration including instrument development where instrumented systems are a component of the microfluidic product.  Micronics’ instrument design and development is performed in cooperation with world class instrument design/build firms.

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