PanNAT® Molecular System and Tests

The Micronics PanNAT molecular system is a compact, portable benchtop instrument capable of processing distinct cartridges, each designed to perform low to medium multiplexed nucleic acid amplification assays. Each assay is fully integrated into the disposable cartridge that includes all necessary reagents. Only a small volume of biological sample is required for assay performance. The PanNAT System provides a sample on – result off answer in approximately 1 hour, with no sample preparation required. The instrument is uniquely configured for use in decentralized environments and offers battery backup. The PanNAT test cartridges and PanNAT System (instrument) are designed for ease of use. They uniquely reduce and simplify user steps, from sample preparation to result.
Micronics' test cartridges perform all steps of the assay, including quality control testing. Micronics' first test, the PanNAT STEC Test, is the only FDA-cleared nucleic acid amplification-based test that detects and differentiates the stx1 and stx2 shiga toxin genes and E. coli O157. Micronics is advancing a menu of other qualitative and quantitative real-time PCR tests.
PanNAT system issued patents and pending applications
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