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Micronics offers two distinctive platforms for rapid, point of care, human diagnostic testing that offer unique performance characteristic and benefits: 1.) the PanNAT® Molecular System for infectious disease testing; 2.) the Immunohematology Diagnostic platform provides rapid tests for point of information blood typing. For more information, email  »

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Micronics' R & D products include single-use, stand alone, disposable microfluidics-enabled cartridges, enabling researchers to analyze fluids in flow. Access Cards™ are manual microfluidic devices that utilize laminar flow diffusion to separate and capture an analyte from a complex biological specimen for further analysis. This structure enables novel calibration-free assay formats compatible with Point of Care (POC) diagnostics. Using the Access Card platform's multiple inlets, fluid streams are brought together to flow in a central channel. Then indicator chemistries and optical technology may be used to identify and quantitate components in the central microfluidic channel.  »