PanNAT® Molecular Diagnostic System

The Micronics PanNAT molecular diagnostic system is a convenient, point of care instrument capable of processing distinct cartridges, each designed to perform a single and /or multiplexed nucleic acid amplification assay.  Each assay is fully integrated into the disposable cartridge that includes all necessary reagents. Only a small volume of biological sample is required for assay performance.

The PanNAT System provides a sample on – result off answer in approximately 1 hour, with no sample preparation required. The platform is uniquely configured for use in decentralized environments and offers full connectivity.
Micronics is advancing the PanNAT System with a focus on point of care infectious disease diagnosis. Infectious diseases account for over 25% of all diseases worldwide.  Rapid and accurate point of care diagnosis of infectious diseases would not only greatly improve potential outcomes of interventions, but also play a major role in the prevention of the spread of these diseases.
PanNAT system issued patents and pending applications
Issued patents (February 2013)
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