About Micronics

Micronics, Inc. is a leading developer of near patient in vitro diagnostic products for disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring.  The Company employs a core patent estate in microfluidics—the ability to substantially reduce sample and reagent volumes – and to process all assay steps within closed system disposable devices.  Tests that today take hours in a central reference laboratory environment are processed in minutes on a Micronics disposable device.

Micronics applies its technology and know how in two strategic ways:
  • Development of Micronics’ brand near-patient point of care in vitro diagnostic products; and
  • Comprehensive product development  for others
Micronics’ point of care in vitro diagnostic products are responsive to global market demand today as well as emerging market needs.  The Company’s first product is an immunohematology test called the ABORhCard®. Micronics also is in advanced stage of development with a paradigm-shifting family of molecular diagnostic products that integrate nucleic acid amplification tests (NATs) for rapid point of care testing. This unique technology platform, called the PanNAT® System, will provide the ability to perform infectious disease molecular diagnostic tests in a decentralized environment and in a fraction of the time of current NATs today. 

Micronics provides comprehensive development services on behalf of clients worldwide that bring complementary technologies and / or business strategies for integration with Micronics’ microfluidics and related expertise.  Client projects include applications in life sciences, blood screening, immunoassays, and a host of molecular diagnostic  methods (end point and real time PCR and isothermal amplification). The common theme for these projects is the reduction of time, materials and labor required to achieve an accurate answer in an easy-to-use test format.

Micronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, and employs an experienced management team together with a talented staff of life scientists and engineers who are committed to improving patient care on a global basis. The work of this dedicated team has resulted in countless wide-reaching  innovations that have been recognized internationally.