About Micronics

Micronics, Inc. is a leading developer of innovative in vitro diagnostic products for disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring.  The Company employs a core patent estate in microfluidics—the ability to substantially reduce sample and reagent volumes – and to process all assay steps within closed system disposable devices. 

Micronics’ point of care in vitro diagnostic products are responsive to global market demand today as well as emerging market trends.  The Company’s first product is an immunohematology test called the ABORhCard®. Our molecular diagnostic instrument, the PanNAT® System, and planned menu of tests employ our technology and in-licensed reagent chemistries of others. Micronics' test cartridges uniquely incorporate both process and quality controls to reduce laboratory steps, time and cost.

Micronics employs an experienced team of scientists, design and software engineers and manufacturing personnel whose dedication and creativity has led to numerous first-in-class solutions.